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    Direct Lending

    Devcor™ Capital Inc is a direct lender that specializes in real estate and hospitality finance in Canada and the United States. As a direct source of capital, we pride ourselves in being forward-thinking and trustworthy leading experts in the lending segments of finance.


    Recently Funded Deals

    1st Mortgage Raw Land - $275,000 - 8%

    1st Residential Home - $1,650,000 - 8%

    2nd Mortgage Mixed Use - $450,000 - 10.99%

    1st Mortgage Raw Land - $300,000 - 8%

    1st Mortgage Residential Construction - $1,350,000 - 9%

    1st Mortgage Residential Construction - $2,208,000 - 9%

    2nd Mortgage Residential Condo- $90,000 - 8%

    1st Mortgage Residential Condo - $265,000 - 7%

    1st Mortgage Commercial Condo - $450,000 - 7%

    1st Mortgage Residential House- $550,000 - 5%


    Retail Properties

    Our team of experienced professionals lease, finance and manage retail properties in prime locations. We customize funding programs tailored to help you meet the demands of the growing competitive markets.



    Devcor™ Capital Inc. is committed to providing out of the box lending solutions. Our approach to underwriting is a case-by-case basis, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a mutually beneficial relation with our borrowing partners.

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