Direct Lending

Devcor™ Capital Inc., is a direct lender, focused on real estate and hospitality finance with over 20 years of hospitality financing primarily through franchises. Devcor™ has now further expanded its capacities to also serve the real estate markets.

As a fully integrated lender, our capabilities include:

Residential Mortgages: 1st & 2nd
Commercial Mortgages: 1st & 2nd
Business Loans
Construction Financing: Residential, Commercial And Industrial
Raw Land
Restaurant & Equipment Finance

The Devcor™ Difference Means

Easy financing on flexible rates.
Conventional bank credit has become more difficult to obtain under the new regulatory environment. As a result, the alternative non-bank credit space is growing to meet this new market shift.
Devcor™ is committed to providing out of the box lending solutions. Our approach to underwriting is a case-by-case basis, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a mutually beneficial relation, with our borrowing partners.
1 – 3 years.
5.99% – 8.99%
P&I or Interest only.
10 – 40 years.
$30,000 – $8,000,000
Up to 75%


Average Mortgage


Average Loan